Monday, June 25, 2012

Weber Fire Weekend Update

La Plata County remains out of the woods; for now. Winds kept most of the Weber Fire activity on the west side of Menefee Mt. over the weekend as it moved towards the west side valley floor and into the central ridge lines.

The homeowners on the Eastern edge of the fire in East Canyon have proven how well pre-planning and defensible space can work. The homeowners worked on individual spaces and community wide preparations. Fire fighters have used their roads and yards to fortify lines, perform back burns and helicopters have been dipping buckets in their pond for days. In other words, the mitigation work gave firefighters the time and safety to protect the homes better. So far, the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) worked. Hopefully the firefighter's work will hold but that is still up to the fire as the winds shift back to (out of ) Southwest today. 

Thanks Firewise and USFS (and many others) for your support and guidance here in SW Colorado. We'll have pictures of the mitigation after the fire calms down and we can breathe a bit.

Check out for more info about getting your neighborhood Firewise and developing a CWPP. If you contact them, be patient, he local Firewise organizers are working on the fires right now.

Here are some more pictures from Saturday afternoon and Sunday Morning:

Saturday Mid Day
2012-06-23 Weber Fire

Saturday Afternoon
2012-06-23 Weber Fire

Sunday Morning and Afternoon
2012-06-24 Weber Fire Afternoon


  1. I appreciate you all. Firefighters: I salute you.

  2. All efforts of firefighters, volunteers & whomever is maintaining this website as a source of information for all us nervous Potential victims are GREATLY appreciated!!!