Monday, June 25, 2012

La Plata County Fire Monday Update

Today, La Plata County OEM played some catch up to put together the weekend activities and update the Board of County Commissioners on wildfire conditions. Much of our daily work revolves around preparing for potential incidents, training, education, evacuation planning and identifying risks and hazards. We have to maintain plans and contacts and we represent the community and County Government during incidents. We don't fight fire, we try and look out for the community interest to let the others do their job.

With all that is going on we weren't able to get out int he field. Luckily we aren't under siege as many other communities are. Conditions are  incredibly volatile right now and any spark can start a fire: campfires, charcoal, cigarettes, engines without spark arrestors, cars parked on tall grass, rubbing two sticks, fireworks. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Until rain saturates us we are vulnerable.

Since we weren't out in the field today, here are some links to fire information. If you see a column of smoke, remember to check these sources, often the management teams will place fire activity information here. If it is near these fires, the air resources will probably be on anything new.

Weber Fire:

State Line Fire:

Chimney Rock: we have heard that the resources int he area attacked this new start and kept it from spreading. We hope to have an update in the morning

Little Sand Fire: on this page you will see a multitude of links for information. Archuleta County and the NIMO incident management team have done an amazing job of keeping information flowing.

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