Friday, July 15, 2016

Black Ridge Fire 70 percent contained

The 78-acre Black Ridge Fire is 70% contained this morning. Humidity recovery on Thursday evening helped slow fire activity. Crews have laid dozer and hand lines on the perimeter and are reinforcing those lines today to 100 feet in from the fire's boundary.

The oil and gas close-in order has been lifted. Oil and gas crews are encouraged to enter sites as early as possible to prevent interface with fire fighting efforts and use of roads. The pre-evacuation order for nearby residents was lifted Thursday evening.

Ground crews today will apply water to secure fire lines. One Type 1 and one Type 3 helicopter are available as needed to support crews efforts. Approximately 70 personnel are working on the Black Ridge Fire.   

Temperatures from 87-97 degrees are expected today, with single-digit relative humidity and wind gusts up to 25 mph after 1200. 

Saturday's forecast shows critical fire conditions, with high temperatures and winds expected. Dry lightning is expected on Sunday and Monday. An initial attack force will be on scene to respond to predicted lightning.

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