Monday, April 13, 2015

Sign up for Emergency Notifications in La Plata County

The 2015 Fire season is upon us, get the emergency alerts...
The Durango-La Plata Emergency 911 Communications Center updated the Emergency 911 alerting system to CodeRED recently. The new system has many features that enhance our ability to create and distribute emergency alerts.
All land line phones are already included in the notification system. Cell phones, internet (IP) based phones and others are not.

If you had signed up for the previous system prior to January 2015 you will unfortunately have to sign up again for the new system.

Any information put in the system is exclusively for use to distribute emergency notifications from local Fire, Law Enforcement and Emergency Management.

Step 1: Go to and follow the links or just hit HERE
Step 2: Add an address
Step 3: Add phones and emails
Step 4: Choose managed account (make a login), or verify only
Step 5: Verify info, you can even move the mapped address to exactly where your house is

Now you are fully connected!

CodeRED has a mobile app for Apple and Android devices
Get it HERE or search in the app store for your device
This is a separate system but will be connected to any CodeRED emergency alert through your location. This works in any community using CodeRED which is about 2/3 of Colorado! You can also add other alerts from the weather service and others which work anywhere you go.

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